M. Tagore Hernandez, CPHC
Managing Director 

Tagore is a specialist in architectural planning, design detailing, and manages the firm's design build practice.  As Director of Group Design Build, Tagore coordinates projects in master planning, to developing net-zero strategies in healthcare sectors, to designing Passive House certified homes. His 20 years of experience doing object fabrication to practicing architecture in corporate environments makes him uniquely capable of communicating with all audiences in the field - stakeholders, technicians, and artisans alike.  Tagore holds a Bachelor of Architecture from Boston Architectural College, is a Certified Passive House Consultant, and a Licensed Construction Supervisor.

Shervon Badalian
Project Manager

Shervon is a master builder who specializes in commercial, residential, and high performance construction techniques.  As a GDB Project Manager, he coordinates client services such as pre-construction, budgeting, value engineering, and project sequencing. Additionally, he manages field staff, on site training, and can be regularly found on the site coordinating complex construction assemblies.  His 20 years of field experience has enabled Shervon to understand all facets of construction enabling him to effectively communicate and problem solve with all trades throughout each phase.  

Nilo Masihno
Project Manager

Nilo is a technician who specializes in industrial, residential, and high end construction techniques.  As a GDB Project Manager, he manages client contracts and expectation, he oversees site staff, and coordinates subcontractors on smaller projects.  With 25 years of field experience, Nilo brings clarity and attentiveness to detail suited to meet all clients expectations.  Nilo holds a Bachelors of Industrial Design from the Polytechnic of Sao Paolo. 

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