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Lab Design

Working in tandem between Leadership and end user stakeholders, an organizational hierarchy was developed to inform critical adjacencies to support work flows, collaborative social conditions, and research throughput. 

2014 - with Perkins + Will 

120330 Program Bubble Diagram
Office Lab Interior Rendering 1_Page_1
Office Lab Interior Rendering 2
Office Lab Interior Rendering 3
Lab Office Design Fit Out 4
Lab Office Design Fit Out 1
Lab Office Design Fit Out 6
Lab Office Design Fit Out 5

Office Fit Out

2014 - with Lukez & Associates

Interior Office Design 4
Interior Office Design 3
Interior Office Design 1
Interior Office Design 5
Interior Office Design 2

Office Fit Out

2014 - with Signer Harris

Commercial Renovation and Fit Out

2014 - with Perkins + Will 

Test Fit 2
Test Fit 1
Test Fit 5
Test Fit 4
Test Fit 3

Multi Family Master Planning

2014 - with Madalena Machado

42 Cover Image copy
54 Cover Image

Commercial Test Fits

2013 - with Signer Harris & Architects

Commercial Test Fit 1_Page_4
Commercial Test Fit 1_Page_2
Commercial Test Fit 1_Page_3
Commercial Test Fit 1_Page_1
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