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Group Design Build is guided by Lean Management Principles: a focus on long term relationships, deploying the right processes at the right time, putting emphasis on people and partners, and embracing problems as opportunities for creative solutions. When working with Group Design Build, all Architects, Clients, Vendors and Sub-Contractors will experience:

  • Participative Leadership

  • Clear Goals and Success Criteria

  • Defined Roles and Responsibility

  • Effective and Timely Decision Making

  • Open and Clear Communication

  • Mutual Trust

  • Conflict Management

  • Transparent Accounting

  • Added Value through suggested trade-offs among cost, schedule and scope

  • Pre-Determined Goals and Success Criteria

  • Positive and Productive Work Environment

  • Group Design Build uses the “Detailed Estimate Method” to determine the overall cost of each project. This method of estimating is more accurate than “square-foot estimates” or the “component method”. When using this method we must determine all the different items such as materials, labor, trade contracts and equipment that are required. We determine how much of each item is needed and the price of each item. The “Detailed Estimate” takes more time but we usually complete all estimates within 3-4 weeks. All project budgeting information is provided in the form of spreadsheets and created in Microsoft Excel.​​

  • Group Design Build uses a multi step process when completing a construction schedule. Our construction schedules are created in Excel and include tasks, phases, milestones, ghantt charts and may at times include site logistics diagrams.

  • Group Design Build uses project specific accounting practices. This is essential for bidding, request-for-proposals, project management, invoicing, construction retention payments, and more.

  • Project costs fall into 3 main categories: Direct Labor & Materials, Sub-Contractor Labor & Materials, and Overhead. 

  • A deposit is requested when the contract is signed. The deposit payment is used to acquire appropriate permits, source sub-contractor resources and secure all rate limiting materials.

  • Project revenue is accounted for by comparing expected project value to the approximate percentage of completion of the project. Specifically, payments are requested, over time, with completion invoices based on the projects construction schedule.

  • A Final Payment is requested upon satisfactory completion of the project. This final payment is called the construction retainer: it retains Group Design Build until the project is completed to the client’s satisfaction.

Communication & Collaboration
  • Group Design Build provides each project with a client login to our web portal for effective communication and collaboration. 

  • Architectural plans, schedule, payments-to-date, and photos are always accessible through the client login or can be requested by email as a PDF.

  • Group Design Build's construction managers and project managers are always available by cell, email or text.

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