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Group Design Build is an architecture and construction firm  


We are a full service firm that designs and builds new construction and major renovations for both residences and commercial projects pursuing greater building performance


Our design approach strives to create harmony between beauty, human comfort, utility, and building performance. We believe architecture needs to be appropriate to its context, with the understanding that a culture will tend to preserve and sustain its most beautiful structures. 


Moreover, we know that a building has to function well for its occupants and perform reliably in its technical aspects in order to be truly sustainable and desirable long term. We aim to provide comfortable and healthy environments while minimizing impact on earth resources.




Our architect-led construction team is integral to the design process.  We have the capacity to analyze multiple design solutions for cost and opportunities to maximize building performance. The design-build procurement method is an excellent vehicle for delivering projects with transparent and reliable outcomes that are calibrated to available resources.


We are loyal to vendors, technicians and suppliers who have consistently provided quality work and products within the parameters of budget and schedule. This trust-building process has led to greater collaboration and reliability, yielding the best possible value for the clients we serve. 

We create spaces for collaboration and social exchanges...

... and invite clients to co-create as part of the team to make the process enjoyable for all involved.

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